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Sunday, May 4, 2008


I've gotten a little behind on posting due to being a little under the weather and a lot busy so I thought I would do a few quick updates.

My day substituting
I was feeling really positive about substituting for 7th grade Science on Wednesday. I was comfortable with the school because my daughter attended middle school there about four years ago and I generally had a good attitude about the day.

I was dressed comfortably and, in my opinion, teacher-like. So, nothing was left to do but arrive on time, maintain order, follow the teacher's directions and go home. The substitute system had notated that I needed to arrive at 8:15, but I arrived 15 minutes early. I didn't want to take a chance being late or having to deal with students before I figured out the teacher's instructions.

She had everything clearly laid out and I had time to ask the lead teacher across the hall some questions. (The teacher next door wasn't that welcoming, but I didn't let that bother me.) I found out that the students were on block schedule, which means each class would be with you longer than usual -- about two hours or so.

With the first class I gained control pretty quickly before they went to their connections (music, art, gym, etc.) and returned to the classroom for the planning time. I wrote the teacher's assignments on the board, inquired in the office about the attendance, used the restroom, read the paper... and then it was time for the students to come back and the next class arrived.

As the second class came in I noticed something out of the ordinary. I said to the teacher next door (each teacher stands in front of their door during class changes). "Is this entire class boys?!"
"Oh yea, I think they have some gender class or something like that."

OMG, I thought. Needless to say that entire class was difficult to keep under control. There was one boy who continually tried to show another boy his penis! Yes, you read that right. He thought I didn't know what he was up to, but every time I turned around he had his pants unzipped and would say something about his shirt being untucked.

The resource teacher (a man) who was supposed to be in the class during that period had a meeting. I kept the child in his seat as much as possible, but after about an hour it was useless to try. He ended up moving right next to the boy and the only time I could keep him in control was if I stood right next to him. Well, I had to move away once to help another student and when I turned around the other boy (who I'm almost 100 percent sure is gay) had this shocked and excited look on this face.

The flasher slid his chair back up to the table when I looked at him and they pretended to do their work.

That was such a long class! The third class wasn't any better because of the clique that formed in one corner of the room and they wouldn't do their work. Since all the work needed to be handed in I knew the teacher would know who had followed directions and who didn't.

By this point I was feeling really bad physically. My feet and legs (from the knee down) had started to go numb and tingly and I was feeling really terrible. I had noticed the decrease in my physical feeling, but had been trying to ignore it. I had only been able to sit down about 15 minutes during the entire day and I was scheduled to be there until 4:15.

I could barely walk by the time it was time to go and realized that I would need to be careful with the types of assignments I chose. I've discovered that the fibromyalgia is worse in those types of situations.

Which leads to...

My health and weight loss journal
It has taken me about four days to recover from my day at the school. Thank God for my teenager because when I arrived home I could barely function... I was so sore and foggy. I ate and went to bed. I didn't sleep well because of the pain and numbness in my lower legs, but sometime during the night I felt the numbness lift and I was able to rest a little bit.

From that day up until today I've been really exhausted, but each day has gotten better. It's a little discouraging to know that I have such limitations, which hinder me for so long. However, at least I know now and can be very aware of the types of situations I put myself in.

I've noticed that too much of being in one position is not good with the fibromyalgia. Even sitting at a desk, but because I'm often up and down with the baby I hadn't realized exactly how painful it could get.

With the weight loss, I've had a few setbacks. I'm back above 180. I think it's 180.5 right now. I hope that Tuesday's weigh in (with Carrie) shows some good numbers.

My weekend
The teenager and I have been hanging out all weekend and we've been having a lot of fun. We started off Friday when she stayed home for Take Your Child To Work day... She had her assignments to complete and then she went out with her friends for the afternoon. We've eaten breakfast together each morning and laughed about everything and nothing.

Yesterday morning while we ate breakfast we watched Practical Magic, which was really good. It stars Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman. I think it came out in the late 90s.

We've sorted our jewelry, she's tried on her prom dress, cleaned up each room together, listened to music and watched recorded tv.

Today we're trying to finish a Monopoly game we started last night around 7 p.m., but we're pausing to do different things in between. Like laundry, blogging, mail, bill paying, etc.

All in all (despite a little of feeling under the weather), this was a very good weekend and I hope that you had a good one too.

I won! Yes, it was a long hard game and Amber gave it all she had, but I won... and I won big! the game finally ended last night (Monday). Thanks, Amber, for such a fun -- albeit long -- game!
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