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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Power struggles

Little people

It would be nice to think that a parent has control over their children. It would be nice to think that children would always listen and obey as well as follow the schedule and directives laid out for them.

Yea and it would also be nice to have a fresh glass of cold lemonade on a hot day. Ain't happening when I want it to.

The same goes for my youngest daughter -- it just ain't happening! For the past few months, my oldest daughter, who's 16, has been putting the baby to sleep at night. She gives her a bottle and she goes to sleep. And, most of the time, she does it without fuss.

We discovered this one day when Anna, who's almost 1, was giving me a hard time with going to sleep. She kept wiggling, fighting, getting down, playing and laughing no matter what I tried to do to keep her still. Then I started laying down with her at bedtime, which took a chunk of my time when I need to work. And, most importantly, she hogged the bed.

I remember when putting the baby to sleep was relaxing and easy!

So the teenager grabbed her one night and put her to sleep with not much trouble and since then that's been the routine.

Until a few nights ago. Now little Miss Anna has decided to fuss, cry, whine, wiggle, fight and do everything but try to go to sleep.

Now the baby is toddling around and has a mind of her own about what she wants to do.

Why must we have this power struggle? Can't she see that I'm bigger. I'm the mommy, for goodness sake! Doesn't that count for something?


I guess not - especially in the mind of the little person who rules the roost!

It's almost as bad as dealing with her father. ...

Big people

Do you remember last week when he told me he didn't have money for daycare and said that we'd have to pull the two middle children out? I gave the daycare provider their two-week notice and asked her if she could work a deal with me about making the final payment. (You have to give a two-week notice and pay for those two weeks.) I figured if I give her the notice and keep them home she'll give me a break on the amount given my situation.

I kept them home on Tuesday and he talks to her and says he doesn't want them to be punished so he'll come up with the money somehow. He didn't talk to me about it even though he'd already said he didn't have the money. I think, and I'm almost 99.99 percent positive, that had I said, "Well, they're staying in daycare you'll have to still pay it!" that he would have insisted to pull them out.

Why, I ask again, do I have to have everyone working against me? Why the power struggle?

So, the two middle children are back in daycare. And, guess what he says this past Monday when the daycare money is due? I'm sure you can guess. He said: "I don't have the money."

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