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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mother's Day plans

Almost 17 years ago I became a mother for the first time and now, four children later, I'll be celebrating another Mother's Day. I don't have any plans -- just hanging out with the kids, I guess.

I must say that when my husband and I were together he definitely made Mother's Day special for me. He would fix me breakfast even though he wasn't that great of a cook. (He learned a lot about cooking after we were married and everything he prepared -- except one failed experience -- turned out fabulously.) And there was always a special gift and treats AND he would let me take a break from the kids by making sure I took a nap, a bath or just did something I wanted to do.

I think it's important to have plans for Mother's Day. Whether it's plans to honor a mother in your life, plans to do something for yourself or someone else making plans for you.

If you recognize Mother's Day, what have you decided to do? To ensure (well, almost ensure) that you'll get a gift, why don't you enter my Mother's Day contest? Ten people will win so you have an excellent chance!

If I forget to tell you on Sunday, have a wonderfully Happy Mother's Day!
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