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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby Girl

Tomorrow is the first birthday of my third daughter, my fourth child... the baby of the family: Miss Anna.

It's funny because today I was telling an old friend about my birthing experience with this baby who came into the world five weeks early. I was telling her how after already giving birth to three children you would think that I am all too familiar with the signs of labor, but this one snuck up on me.

In less than five hours I went from no contractions to holding a brand new baby girl. And that's just the short version of the story.

Despite my personal stresses, difficulties, tears and loss over the past year, I have spent it watching a precious child grow. The tiny infant who weighed less than five pounds (4 lbs. 5 oz.) is a fast-walking, baby-babbling, hand-clapping, toothless-grinning bundle of joy now weighing in at 17 pounds.

Her giggles and screams fill this house. Her smile is mostly never ending. And boy does she keep me busy!

Let me be the first to say Happy Birthday Anna Banana... mommy's "Moo Moo." You are really loved!


  1. happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. she is so adorable! happy birthday lil' one..:-)

  3. Happy Birthday Anna! She is so precious Petula!

  4. Hi!I'd like to congrat you about your blog and your baby girl!She's beautiful!No doubt that children really do bright up our lives!I'm a mom of 3 boys (11, 9 and 2 1/2) so I totally understand you.You're welcome to pass by my blog and have a look around.Don't be surprised to see that I'm posting in both languages (Portuguese and English).
    I hope that you and your baby have an amazing day tomorrow!Happy Birthday!

  5. She is a doll and I can tell she is the light of her Mommy's eyes, too. Happy Birthday, Anna!

  6. Oh, Happy Birthday to little miss Anna. She is sooo adorable! I hope the day is sweet, wonderful and everything you wish for that day!

    My best to the both of you and the rest of the family.

  7. Aww, what a cutie! Happy (belated) birthday to your baby girl!

  8. Hi Petula! Happy belated birthday to your precious baby girl Anna!


    She's just too cute!

  10. Happy Birthday little Anna! What a cutie! Don't they grow up so fast?!


  11. Happy 1st Birthday Little Princess Anna. Love that cheeky smile and I know you are walking now too. Muahhhhh

    love from Syabil and Daryn- your friends! :)


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