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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Feeling defeated

Have you ever had someone in your life that you couldn't get rid of and 90 percent of your conversations with them bring you down? I am so tired of the roller coaster of emotions that I experience when dealing with this person.

Okay, I'll just stop being cryptic: The almost ex-husband.

You know how I've been struggling to work from home with the baby here? Well, the two middle children are home now too. I feel like giving up. My three youngest are 4, 3 and almost 1. The only way to put in the number of hours I need to work is to plop them in front of the tv and let them randomly play all day.

Then I would have mom guilt.

My 4-year-old needs to be prepared for pre-K and the 3 year old is so close behind that she should be getting ready for headstart/preschool. So, that's teaching, preparing meals, caring for little people, changing diapers, making bottles, taking care of the house and working to make money in order to keep the house, buy the diapers and care for all the people. And that's the short list.


How can someone who doesn't have a job self righteously tell someone they should get a job? (Yes, I'm talking about the same person.) If only he knew that in the past year I've applied for about 17 jobs and had two recruiters contact me (that didn't work out either... someone else got those positions). I've been looking for a job since the baby was four weeks old when he called and asked, "Did you get a job yet?" I've tried to obtain about 20 freelance gigs. And I've been trying (with a little success) to monetize this blog since nothing else has come through.

Is anyone out there making enough money to take care of responsibilities while working from home with their young children at home? If so, please tell me how you're doing it and what you're doing.
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