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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Don't steal your man's razor

I have to admit I'm a freebie addict. If I see a free sample opportunity you can almost guarantee that I'm gonna get it. When I saw I could get a sample of the Schick Quattro Titanium razor I ordered it right away under the premise that I would give it to my best friend. Yes, my best friend is a man.

The razor, which is really kind of classy looking, sat on my desk for more than a week. Suddenly (well, maybe not so suddenly) I realized that I didn't have a razor, my legs were getting pretty hairy and it was getting too hot to keep wearing jeans. Since I hadn't told him about it anyway I figured I would use it. Good idea, right?

Well, not really. When I used the razor it ran over my legs so smoothly that I just knew I was getting the best shave of my life. It seemed like the four titanium blades and the soft edging blade were doing an excellent job. Until I stepped out of the shower, began to dry my legs and saw all the hair left.

Now it's possible that I just didn't do a good job shaving. It's also possible that I could have missed ALOT of spots. And, it's even more possible that I should have just bought a razor made for girls.

This is probably an excellent choice for a guy; however, I may never know since now I can't give it to him. How does your guy's razor work?


  1. Yup, that's what I call myself- a freebie addict! LOL.
    So glad you won on Hip Mama's Place by the way. :)

  2. I have tagged you with a meme my friend x

  3. I haven't tried my husband's razor yet but I do wear his shirts and have borrowed other things from him. I may have to give it a try.

  4. Randall uses a Mach 3 made by Gillete and loves it. It is considerable more expensive that the disposable plastic razors, but he says it doesn't cut him up like the plastic ones do.

    I don't use it anymore.

    I used to use it on my arm pits when I was in the shower, but then his razor started causing ingrown hairs so now I use an electric shear razor for my arms.

    I only shave my legs once every 4 to 6 months. Yep - you can honestly hate me for that one. I have fine blond hair that grows super slow and really only needs to be shaved that often. Honest - you can hate me now - I don't mind.

    When I do shave my legs, I use the cheap plastic razors, preferably with the pivot head and NOT the moisture strip. I also prefer Gillette brand.

  5. LOL...this is too funny!!! Yep, I totally agree, we ought to get shavers meant for girls. Those guy shavers, they are just not built for us. Hey, thanks for dropping by at my place. Will be coming here more often, you just too funny woman! heheh

  6. You are funny. Good luck with the Razor search. :-)

  7. It sounds like the razor my hubby uses? had? and it didn't do a very good job shaving. It's all about finding the right one for you.

    Got to love those Freebies!

  8. Pretty hubby doesn't use razors. He despises hair/razor bumps so he goes to the barber or he uses clippers. But you know they always say "nothings free". lol

  9. I've used John's razors before and they SUCK and he gets a little mad when I use them anyway. hehehe

  10. I used to always use women's razors, but one day I was out of cartridges and wound up using my husbands Quattro...I loved it! I got the smoothest shave ever and not a single nick, which I always got a couple when using mine. Since then we use the same base and change out cartridges.

  11. I haven't had to shave my legs since age 50 or 55 or so, don't remember which. I don't miss shaving them at all, they were pretty hairy. Now there's nothing.

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR SITE. I have been coming back almost daily since I found it last week. I didn't respond because I couldn't see the remarks area on the black background (guess that's an age thing also). Oh goodness, wonder what's next.

    Love the site.

  12. *laughs* you know, now that I think about's razors just don't work as well on girl pieces. I popped in from Mommyfest and wanted to let you know that I'm adding you to my blogroll so I can come back more often!

  13. You really do crack me up. I've snuck a couple of uses of my hubbies razors. I thought they did a pretty good job on the underarms. Don't tell on me! He'd die :)

  14. this is funny. you are not the only one, i love freebies too, and if i can't use them, i will give them to those who can actually use them. btw Petula, you can totally use those razors for yourself actually. :) it might be great for the legs! :)


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