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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Don't steal your man's razor

I have to admit I'm a freebie addict. If I see a free sample opportunity you can almost guarantee that I'm gonna get it. When I saw I could get a sample of the Schick Quattro Titanium razor I ordered it right away under the premise that I would give it to my best friend. Yes, my best friend is a man.

The razor, which is really kind of classy looking, sat on my desk for more than a week. Suddenly (well, maybe not so suddenly) I realized that I didn't have a razor, my legs were getting pretty hairy and it was getting too hot to keep wearing jeans. Since I hadn't told him about it anyway I figured I would use it. Good idea, right?

Well, not really. When I used the razor it ran over my legs so smoothly that I just knew I was getting the best shave of my life. It seemed like the four titanium blades and the soft edging blade were doing an excellent job. Until I stepped out of the shower, began to dry my legs and saw all the hair left.

Now it's possible that I just didn't do a good job shaving. It's also possible that I could have missed ALOT of spots. And, it's even more possible that I should have just bought a razor made for girls.

This is probably an excellent choice for a guy; however, I may never know since now I can't give it to him. How does your guy's razor work?
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