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Monday, May 19, 2008

Do you smell that?

When you have kids in the home it is not uncommon to sniff something offensive. Sometimes I'm forced to ask small individuals if they have to boo boo because I'm thinking I sniffed a poo. Other times I pick up the baby and cautiously inhale near her diaper. And there are still other times when the smell goes totally unidentified.

Like today.

I walk into the office, ready to get busy and I think I smell something, but being the conscientious person that I am -- I ignore it.

I package up the SanDisk Cruzer Gators for the lucky winners and I realize I'm getting a headache and my sinuses are throbbing. Sniff. "What is that smell," I say to my invisible friend.

I stand up. It's stronger in the center of the room where there's absolutely nothing. I sniff wires, touch the exercise bike (maybe it's hot and has a short. Nope), I look under desks, try to peek behind a bookcase, peep under books... I can't see anything and I don't smell anything. I open the door to the storage area and the smell goes away.


I sit telling you about this wondering if it's some sort of toxic waste that will overtake me or an electrical fire brewing in the walls (God forbid)... I'm also wondering how many people I can find to come into the office and do their own sniff test. Maybe they can find it for me.

Or maybe it'll just go away and I can waste my time playing the sniffing game later.
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