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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cheap phone cards

With Mother’s Day less than a week away, many people will be calling long distance and internationally to get in touch with the women who mean a lot to them. There are grandmothers, mothers, aunts, cousins, godmothers, birth mothers and more across the world that will love to hear from the people they love.

One way that a lot of people are making calling economical is by using phone cards. Phone cards are a great way to budget your calling and ensure that you don’t get a surprise phone bill after a long international call.

Don’t let the holidays pass without getting in touch with the people you love. And, for that matter, a phone call is a great gift to give to college students, enlisted military members or those who travel for a living. You never know when your cell phone battery will run out of charge or when there isn’t a public pay phone available. Or, what about when you find a pay phone, but you do not have any change? Just avoid that and be sure to keep a phone card on hand.

Phone Cards Avenue provides cheap international phone cards and allows customers to save 80 percent or more over regular long distance providers like AT&T and Sprint. If you do not have unlimited long distance calling or discounted international calling on your home phone and you do not have unlimited long distance minutes on your cell phone then getting a phone card is a smart option for you.

Prepaid phone cards are a great way to save money on long distance bills. Finding and buying a cheap phone card or calling card online can be frustrating and Phone Card Avenue makes the task easy with pre-sorted international calling cards. Their phone cards and calling cards not only offer great voice quality but also great value. You can start saving on long distance calling right now.

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