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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Who evented prom?

My daughter is going to her junior prom with her, uh, boyfriend... (Don't mind me -- it's just hard for me to say boyfriend and keep a straight face!) and we've begun the dress-hunting process. Of course she doesn't want a dress that someone else may wear, but there are all these other parameters that she has that's making this dress hunt oh-so-very tiring.

The dress should be royal blue, royal purple or a not-to-deep green. It should be knee length preferably with a pleated skirt. (She's about 5'3" and likes shorter dresses. Plus she says she'll do a long formal gown next year for the senior prom.) And a halter-style bodice looks best (and she prefers it) with some type of jewel or sequin embellishment.


Now, the dilemma:

We looked in a department store and found a perfectly appropriate dress that unfortunately wasn't in the color choices, but was the perfect style and looked marvelous after she had tried on about 10 dresses. It was also a perfect price AND on sale!

We put the dress on hold.

But then we went to a boutique and she found the perfect dress in the perfect color and an almost perfect fit BUT it was $250! Now, maybe it's just me, but this is a dress she will probably wear ONCE and it's $250 plus tax plus alterations AND I would still need to get accessories and get her hair done.

OMG! I don't think so!

That was day one. Today was day two and I'm exhausted with finding absolutely NOTHING! I didn't put the second dress on hold because they required a non-refundable (I don't call store credit refundable) deposit and I didn't pick up the other one that was on hold.

Now, we've relegated our search to the Internet and enlisted my wonderful New York friend and his willing cousin. I mean, we can't go wrong with someone getting the same dress in an entirely different state, right? And it will most likely be an excellent deal.

Through the fog of all the dresses dancing in my head I began to wonder who in the world came up with the idea to have a prom. (The word "prom" was first used in the 1890s as a shortened form of "promenade,"... The first proms were held in the 1920s. By the 1930s, proms were common across the country. Want to know more? Read what WikiAnswers said when I did a search about it. It's quite interesting.) It seemed like a good idea when I was in high school more than 20 years ago, but now I think it's just a conspiracy to drain more money from the parents.

There is one catch though. Now, I wish I had an occasion to wear a fancy dress to... SIGH! Oh, the living vicariously has begun!
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