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Friday, April 4, 2008

Where is that coming from?

I have a very sensitive nose so I normally smell everything and anything. So when there's an unwelcome or unusual smell I'm the first to notice it.

The other day I arrive home from taking the two middle children to daycare, walk through the door and I am totally assaulted. It suddenly smells like mildew in here.

The smell is normally in the living room, but occasionally travels to my room, but no where in between. Not in the bathroom where one would expect a disturbing smell given our recent plumbing problem; not in the laundry room; not in the kitchen; not in the hallway... it's nowhere. I've searched (half-heartily actually 'cause I don't expect to find the source), I've sprayed, I've growled (no, that didn't do anything, but make the baby give me a curious look) and I've stood in the middle of the floor with my hands on my hips.

So where could it be coming from? And, most importantly, how do I find it and kill it? There's nothing worse than a nasty smell wafting through the front door as people come by. And it's not the most welcoming and comforting smell in the world.

Any hints, tips, tricks or mildew exorcists that you can recommend are greatly appreciated!
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