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Friday, April 25, 2008

Unique blog competition

I was reviewing some forum posts on LinkReferral today and, of course, clicked on a blog I thought would be interesting... I surfed around, read a few posts and discovered another interesting blog that is holding a blog competition.

Mcneri's Mcweb says, "I am compiling a list of Blogs/Websites and their link phrase keywords to be displayed on this site at the beginning of every month. It is important to get links and these links become more useful if they link to you through your link phrase of choice. That way, the search engines see that you are linked to for those words and your journey up begins. In addition to being on the list, the top entries will also get featured as one of our Blogs of Focus for one full month. In subsequent months, you may submit additional keywords/link phrases which will also be added to the list for that new month and published provided you fulfil all the basic requirements ..."

Check out Mcneri's Mcweb for more details.
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