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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Two baby wipes?

I'm sure you remember my plumbing dilemma about three to four weeks ago. Only a week later after getting the plumbing fixed it was stopped up again and I figured the plumber did not do it correctly or that he missed something. Three weeks later I was still having problems (the washing machine would drain and the toilet and tub would fill with water) and still trying to get the plumber out to fix it.

He finally arrives last night and insists that something must me down the drain through the toilet. Something I (or me and my children) put in there. When he last came he said not to put baby wipes in the toilet, which I've been doing for almost five years. I immediately stopped doing that and told the teenager the same thing.

The two middle children don't wipe themselves yet so I knew that there wouldn't be a problem.

So, last night he says he pulled out two baby wipes. "Two baby wipes stopped me up and caused problems for three weeks?"

He says yes.

I say, ahem, I don't think so.

He says as soon as he hit a major block the water released and drained, but he pulls back two baby wipes. (What was this major block if he got everything the first time?) He says because of the tree roots the two baby wipes could do that and insists he's seen a small quarter-sized bandage do it.

I say, he missed them the first time because no one has put baby wipes down the drain since he was here last. Nothing... absolutely nothing... is exact especially when you can't even physically see what you're doing.

An-t-way, what do you think? Did he miss something or did the toilet stopping fairy put baby wipes in the toilet? And, if he's reading this and thinking that one of my pre-schoolers did it then I'll have to let you know that if they did they would have put the whole entire box of baby wipes down there... just so happens, those two don't play in the bathroom, but when they do get into something they get into it BIG.
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