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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

This weird and wonderful world

My teenager's boyfriend asked if he could plant a tree in my yard in honor of Earth Day. It's a project for his science class. I thought it a little weird to plant it here, it would have seemed like his teacher would have wanted it somewhere... uh, significant.

I really wanted to say no because I have entirely too many trees now, but I gave in and he planted the tree. An Alexander Magnolia, which will probably be beautiful; however, I'm sure it'll attract even more bugs and bees than I already have. (Hey, that was only a little negativity, she says innocently.)

Well, I guess this event isn't all that weird, but what is weird to me is this teenage boy inserting himself into my world. I'm adjusting rather well to my growing and maturing young woman who recently got her first job and will get her license in a couple of months. Then it's the new boyfriend who I'm sort of okay with... but to see them interact together and him coming over and doing family type stuff is just... yuck, weird.

I watch them talk when they don't know I'm listening. They're finishing each other's sentences and looking all puppy dog at each other. She seems to act a little differently around him, but not in a bad way.

The other day (Saturday) they went out on a date and when he brought her home I asked him, "You wanna come in for a sec.?" Well, he said yes and I was thinking, 'Oh, I was just saying that to be polite.' Yes, I didn't really mean it. I know, shame on me.

They sat next to each other on the couch and I sat on the love seat. He didn't sit back (and she did) and they weren't extra close or anything, but just seeing her and him and them and yuck ... SIGH!

I can't believe she's just about a young woman. Another year she'll graduate from high school, start college and a career and, most likely, get married (Yuck! Okay, so I can't think of a more mature word that really expresses my feelings) and start having babies.... Grandchildren in maybe 10 years or so?? I won't even be finished raising her siblings before I may be a grandmother! Scary!

LOL! I know I'm being silly... it's such a process of learning and growing with children. Each day, month, year brings some new milestone and adjustment. Although my thoughts are possibly a little scattered and whatnot, I hope that I'm flowing and being a good mom to such a beautiful teenager in this weird and wonderful world.
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