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Friday, April 25, 2008

Plumbing update

If you're all caught up then you know about the two baby wipes that had supposedly (or should I say allegedly?) been causing the washing machine water to back up into the toilet and the bathtub. Well, early yesterday afternoon I cautiously began doing laundry. I realize now that I have anxiety about the water backing up in the bathroom because I was nervous when I took a shower and even more nervous when I had to go to the potty. So actually doing laundry initially caused a little trepidation.

After two loads I began to relax and I was in my bedroom changing my clothes when I heard the unmistakable sound of water bubbling in the toilet. Moments before that I heard the washing machine begin to drain. Keep in mind that the plumber had snaked out the drain about 15 hours prior and myself and the baby were the only ones at home. I didn't put anything in the toilet and neither did the baby!
I ran into the bathroom, lifted the seat and stared into the toilet. The water bubbled. I held my breath. I decided to flush the toilet. The water came up. I held my breath, but it didn't overflow. I exhaled.

I stomped into the kitchen to get the first plumber's number (the one who was backed up and referred me to the delinquent plumber). I leave a message because the call goes directly to voicemail and call back 10 minutes later to ensure he got the message.

Long story short: He came out. Didn't/Couldn't find a problem. Snaked out the pipes again and I got a clean out from the deal. You know what I mean? The white thing in your yard that the plumber accesses to clean out the drain. I've always had to have the toilet taken up to accomplish that so he did it for free.

"You were my customer and I passed you on to him because of...," he says. "So, to keep you as a customer and make you happy; I'm doing this as a courtesy."

Under normal circumstances, that "courtesy" would have cost me quite a pretty penny. So I appreciate that, but I hope I won't have anymore problems with laundry water taking residence in the bathroom. The plumber recommended using root kill stuff on a monthly basis to keep the tree roots out of my pipes... I just hope the problem is fixed and I don't have an issue anytime soon.
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