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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A love letter to Quiet

Dear Quiet,

My mind and my heart long to hear you again. To be enveloped by your presence and caressed by your gentle spirit. You seem fleeting and distant, but I miss you so much. Do you remember the wonderful times we shared alone? It was just the two of us... sometimes the breeze caressed my face and I enjoyed the smell of the air. I remember relaxing and listening to you breath; the sound was like music to my ears.

I'm sorry for bringing those beings into your world. For interrupting what we had. I didn't know that it would rip us apart and destroy the love we had for each other. Please forgive my indiscretions/my bad decisions and the noise that fills these walls and seeps out of the windows.

I must admit that I often contribute to the noise while trying to cease it. I'll do anything to feel you again... even if it means making noise to hear your song. Come back to me - please. Don't deprive me any longer of your presence.

Removing the obstacles that stand in our way is my number one priority. Please don't give up on us: One day we will be together again.
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