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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Is that potatoes?

Yesterday evening the children's father picked them up from daycare and took them to Chick fil A. I think I'm gonna tell him to save his money from now on because they always want to eat again when they get home.

Last night I had fixed a creamy chicken Alfredo with cauliflower. (I felt guilty about it because it was an all one color meal, but hey at least I remembered the vegetable!) I prepared their plates and when the 3 and 4 year old were coming to the table, the 3 year old says, "Is that potatoes?"

Now, she's my picky one so I just say, "Yes."

The 4 year old approaches and says, "What kind of broccoli is that?"

I kind of laughed and briefly struggled with the dilemma of telling the truth. As his sister repeated her potatoes line; he -- in all his 4-year-old wisdom -- pressed about the broccoli.

"It's cauliflower."

"Cowflower?" The 4 year old asks.

"Flowers?" The 3 year old asks.

"Cauliflower," I say again slowly, adding "It's like broccoli."

"Oh, okay."

And they both sat down and promptly ate everything on their plates without any fuss.

Hmmm? Maybe the world's coming to an end!
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