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Thursday, April 17, 2008

I love me some ice cream!

I've been really enjoying Get Paid to Fart, a blog I found while doing LinkReferral surfing. I was over there today and there was a very interesting post about paid posts and how boring they can be. Well, she's offering a paid post of sorts. All you have to do is blog about chocolate, ice cream or sex and she'll randomly chose one poster/blogger to get $10 via PayPal.

So, I thought I'd give it a try.

I was going to post about chocolate because everyone knows (or at least you should know by now) that chocolate is my absolute favorite, but I thought I'd blog about my favorite ice cream: Skinny Cow.

Skinny Cow is the absolute best treat ever! Why, you ask? Well, it tastes good and it's low in calories and fat. Take, for instance, their Skinny Dippers. They're only 80 calories if you eat one (the serving size is two) and it's about 3 grams of fat. So, I can get my chocolate fix and my ice cream fix all in one. And they have a wide selection of goodies: sandwiches, bars, cones... mmm, just thinking of them makes me want to go to the freezer right now and grab one!

Since we're on the subject, why don't you tell me what your favorite ice cream is?


  1. Petula

    I tried Skinny Cow a few times - it doesn't taste like there's anything missing which is great. We don't have as much of a variety over here in England, though - just the sticks.

    My favourite ice cream used to be Haagen Daz, but I don't know if they changed the recipe or something 'cos I find it too sweet.

    I could eat Ben & Jerry's Vanilla ice cream all day, every day. And Magnum's - do you have Magnum's over there?

    Anyway, thanks for joining in the fun! :-)

    take care, woman who looks nowhere near her age...

  2. Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey!!! I could live off of that stuff. Too bad it ain't on my diet. :o(

  3. I've never heard of Magnum, but I don't know. I hear what you're saying about some ice creams being too sweet! Oh, Tammy, I love Chunky Monkey! :-)

  4. Hi there Petula,

    I haven't tried Skinny Cow yet, I'll try to find it here in Singapore.I'm curios.

    I love chocolates but they give me pimples so I'd have to stick with the non chocolaty flavors! Strawberry Cheesecake is on of my gives from B&J but in general I love em all. ;)

  5. Any ice cream that's chocolate I'll love. lol.

    I sent you an email concerning Blogads.

  6. I checked out that blog too via linkreferral and saw the same offer. I hope you win! Anyhoo, my favorite ice cream would be plain ol' vanilla. Can't get any simpler than that. I have never heard of skinny cows. Interesting. If I ever come across those, I will think about you and how those are your faves!

  7. Petula, my favourites are from Swensens (sticky chewy) and Baskins Robins (chocolate indulgence). I love chocolate ice cream!!!!

    I don't know about Skinny Cow, but the name is very catchy! never have seen a skinny cow, so, this ice cream must be great in terms of 'not gaining more weight' LOL

  8. Mayfield Chocolate Chip - without a doubt.


    I sure wish I had some right now...


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