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Monday, April 7, 2008

Do you believe in luck?

In all of my 39 years, I have never found a four-leaf clover... that is, until today. There is a patch of clovers that grow in my front yard every year. And every year I make a half-hearted attempt at finding one of the four-leaf variety. Sometimes I get excited when I think I see one and I search for upwards of 10 minutes. (Patience isn't a virtue of mine.)

Today, as my daughter pulled our van into the driveway I looked out of my window and said, "Have you ever found a four-leaf clover?"

"No, I used to look, but I've given up," the teenager answered.

"Neither have I..." my voice trailing off. I scanned the clovers and low-and-behold I saw one. No, I thought to myself, peering closely. I didn't say anything, but eased out of the van. I had to step to the side to close the door and knew I had missed my opportunity. I stepped back at almost the exact spot where I sat inside the van and there it was: A perfect four leaf clover.

"... until today!" I said excitedly, sliding back in to show her.

My first thought was: "Now things are about to change." My next thought was: "Do you even believe in this?"

Well, I must say that I think I do believe. Even if it's nothing but the law of attraction at work then it'll work, right?

It seems a little wrong of me to think this way especially given the writing test (not to mention my Christian background) I'm doing for a potential client who needs a ghostwriter. The project, without revealing too much information, is a Christian book and the part I've been asked to write some of -- to see if I'm a good match -- has to do with omens, numbers, superstitions and the like.


See my dilemma?

Well, I've decided I believe in luck (and opportunity and work and all that good stuff). It gives me a little perk to think I have a little luck working in my favor.

Now go and have a lucky day! :-)


  1. Petula, take the luck where you can find it...a little luck on your side can never hurt!

    Don't forget about weigh in Tuesday tomorrow!

    Happy Monday

  2. WOW!!! I have never seen one *in real life*!!!

  3. BTW, I thought we link exchanged a while back? If not, I would like to add you to my 2 blogs =)

  4. I haven't ever found a four leaf clover, as a kid I used to love laying in the clovers and just looking.

    As far as believing in luck and being a Christian - its just God's way of smiling on you when you least expect it......

  5. I have never found one ever! Things may be looking up for you! :o)

  6. oh but wait God made the little green things,, believe!!!!!!

  7. Petula,
    Terrific site. Keep it going, my friend.
    Four-leaf clovers. As a kid, I found them all the time, but not every time I looked. Haven't looked for them again in ages. Time to give it a go.
    Perhaps it's had something to do with my good fortune in life, but I know Jesus placed them there for me to find.
    God bless...
    Peace and Light,

  8. Wow that is lucky! Run with it, you may never find another one, I like you till today am still looking for one and it has been 35 years :)

  9. Petula, that's luck and luck is everywhere, sometimes where you least expect it to be. Somehow, I get chills reading this, i mean, you were just saying you'll never see a 4 leaf-clover and there it was! you missed it and you got back to the exact same spot!

  10. I've only found one in my life and my mother preserved it in some wax for me. I had it for years but now that I think of it I have no idea where it is.

    I haven't looked for another one in a really long time...maybe it's time.

    Congrats on finding your first one!


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