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Monday, April 7, 2008

Do you believe in luck?

In all of my 39 years, I have never found a four-leaf clover... that is, until today. There is a patch of clovers that grow in my front yard every year. And every year I make a half-hearted attempt at finding one of the four-leaf variety. Sometimes I get excited when I think I see one and I search for upwards of 10 minutes. (Patience isn't a virtue of mine.)

Today, as my daughter pulled our van into the driveway I looked out of my window and said, "Have you ever found a four-leaf clover?"

"No, I used to look, but I've given up," the teenager answered.

"Neither have I..." my voice trailing off. I scanned the clovers and low-and-behold I saw one. No, I thought to myself, peering closely. I didn't say anything, but eased out of the van. I had to step to the side to close the door and knew I had missed my opportunity. I stepped back at almost the exact spot where I sat inside the van and there it was: A perfect four leaf clover.

"... until today!" I said excitedly, sliding back in to show her.

My first thought was: "Now things are about to change." My next thought was: "Do you even believe in this?"

Well, I must say that I think I do believe. Even if it's nothing but the law of attraction at work then it'll work, right?

It seems a little wrong of me to think this way especially given the writing test (not to mention my Christian background) I'm doing for a potential client who needs a ghostwriter. The project, without revealing too much information, is a Christian book and the part I've been asked to write some of -- to see if I'm a good match -- has to do with omens, numbers, superstitions and the like.


See my dilemma?

Well, I've decided I believe in luck (and opportunity and work and all that good stuff). It gives me a little perk to think I have a little luck working in my favor.

Now go and have a lucky day! :-)
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