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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Blog talk

How'd that sneak in there?

I noticed an inappropriate video on my YouTube thingy and haven't had the chance to figure out how to filter that one out. So, if you happen upon the one with Dave (the church guy) or something like that just know I wouldn't have chosen that one!

What did you say?

I've been wondering what the appropriate blog etiquette is when it comes to leaving comments on your own blog. I've noticed that some people respond to others' comments and some people don't. I don't normally respond to comments in the comment thingy because I never know if the person comes back and sees the comment. What do you think? Should you respond to your own posts or to someone's comments to your post?


  1. hmmm interesting! I do reply comments in my blog, as most of the commentors come from people who do visit my blog regularly (and I visit their blogs too)I think, replying comments is a friendly gesture, but again, like you said, if the person who left the comments come back.

    From my experience, I do get follow-up comments too...which is interesting most of the times.

    it doesn't really matter maybe, it's personal preferences.

  2. Most people leave comments and dont look back so responded would be a waste of time. I would say no to resonding unless its a comment that warrants a response.

    Does that make sense? I hope so lol

  3. I guess I would say no to responding on people's comments. I know I never go back and check to see if people responded to my comments. If I do want to respond to someone I just respond in a comment I post on their blog...but that is just me...

  4. I agree with Anna. If it is from someone I know, I will answer on my blog. If it is someone I don't know, I will probably visit their blog and leave a comment! (Like I am doing now, hahah) Love your Blog BTW!

  5. I think I'm absolutely the worst commenter in the blogging world! I feel like I should comment on every blog that catches my attention, but I rarely do. Same with responding to comments I receive... some kind of personal insecurity issue I think ... lol.

    Commenting in general has always been a weird thing to me ever since I began blogging. I can sit here for hours and hours and hours blogging about my own personal experiences and feelings, but when it comes to stating my opinion, or whatever, on what someone else has posted, or responding to a comment they have left me; I always feel as though I'm invading their personal space or like I might say something that they will take the wrong way.

    but anyway ... when I do build up the nerve to actually say something somewhere other than in my own blog content, in response to what someone else has said, I will visit their page and say it there.

    To me, getting a comment is like getting a letter in the mail, and responding to it on my own blog is like writing a response on the back of the letter, and then hoping the person that sent it will stop by in person some day so you can hand it to them to read what you thought.

    hmmm ... I think this is the longest comment I have ever left. :/

    Have an awesome day!


  6. You know I've often thought about this and have always wondered what is the right way. I've done both.

  7. Hi, Petula!

    I always respond to comments in my own blog. Can't explain why but I like to do it.

  8. I say yes, respond. It can make for a very fun/funny conversation and I do think it brings your readers back. It tells them that you are about them and their thoughts. I answer my comments 99% of the time.

  9. Good point SoccerMom. I may try it for awhile and see what happens! But, you know, I recently came across a lady's blog (name escapes me) that was getting 100s of comments per post and I didn't notice if she responded in the comments. (I think she just does voo doo! LOL)


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