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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What happened to my refrigerator?

For some reason about a week ago it dawned on me that I lost a refrigerator. Well, I guess "lost" isn't quite the correct word.

Let me explain.

My oldest daughter and I moved to Georgia in 1995 and I rented an apartment in East Point. It was a house that accommodated three families, i.e., an apartment upstairs, one in the middle and one in the basement. We were in the middle.

I looked at the apartment when there was a tenant in it and everything seemed fine. I asked her if appliances were included and she said yes. I even asked the landlord who said yes. But the funniest thing happened when I started moving in. I was standing in the kitchen admiring how large it was and turning in a circle smiling. When I noticed there wasn't a refrigerator.

I immediately called the landlord who played stupid so I went on a search for a fridge. I found one for a very good price and we settled into our place.

It wasn't long after that when I noticed this place had roaches. I couldn't believe it! I hadn't seen any roaches when I looked at the place with the lady in it nor when I checked it out again after she moved out. I talked to a friend of mine who said, "You gonna have to get used to that -- places in Atlanta have roaches!"

I said, "You're crazy!" And promptly bugged -- ahem! -- the landlord who secured a contract with Sears to come out whenever needed. Of course he put me on as the contact, but I didn't care.

No more roaches!

About a year or so later the house that was abandoned next door burned down. That's when the scratching began. I'm just going to make this long story short and tell you we ended up getting rats! I couldn't believe it!

I went downstairs to my neighbor to ask her if her husband could help me get stuff out of a closet where I had seen a rat and she said, "Oh, they are everywhere when we get home and it got worse after the house burnt down!"

They? Worse?

I don't even think I said good-bye when I walked away. Roaches and now rats. Oh no! That was too much for me. After trying without success to get in touch with the landlord; we moved... quickly!

And I never once thought about my refrigerator...

Roaches, rats, refrigerators... oh my! (Sorry, I couldn't resist!)
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