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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What a crazy morning!

My morning began at 3 a.m. when the baby woke up crying. It was one of those cries that said, "Come get me." Then a misleading pause to make you think they went back to sleep before the "Come get me" gets louder. I stumbled into the children's room and scooped up the baby before she woke up the other children. She was very warm.

It took me a minute to get out of my fog, but I realized that her warmth was not a result of being snuggled comfortably under the blanket... it was coming from the inside of her body. My baby had a temperature.

I grabbed the diaper bag, her sippy cup from the fridge and took everything to my room turning on the light so I could get a good look at her. She was breathing very rapidly and she seemed drowsy. I immediately gave her a dose of Tylenol and encouraged her to drink. She drank thirstily and I changed her diaper and stripped off her clothes.

Finally I was able to take her temperature. It read 101.4 under her arm. Careful not to panic because the added degrees for auxiliary temperature would make that quite high I went to the bathroom to get the other thermometer to take her temperature rectally. It read 101.7. Not too bad for an almost 10 month old.

I called our 404-250-KIDS line, which goes to one of our local children's hospitals and the on-call nurses. I wanted to make sure that I had given her enough Tylenol and check her symptoms.

The nurse called back about five minutes later and went through the checklist of everything to ensure it wasn't anything too serious. I needed to give her .2 more of Tylenol and keep her as cool as possible. Good, because everything she said I had done and gave her the additional medicine posthaste.

I lay her in the bed and watched her fall asleep; waiting for her breathing to slow. Finally it did and she slept soundly. I, on the other hand, was wide awake.

By 8 a.m. her fever had returned. I rushed to get the other kids' breakfast then woke the baby to give her medicine, juice and see if I could get her to eat something or take a bottle. She took her medicine, drank some juice, ate a little applesauce and promptly boo booed. Then the fussying started.

What I found out when I picked her up was that the boo boo had came out of the top and sides of her diaper. She -- and the high chair -- was a mess! I yelled for the 4 year old to get the diaper, wipes and a towel from the bathroom. I instructed the 3 year old to get a plastic bag. A last-minute bath was in order.

After she was cleaned and everyone was dressed we ventured out to the sitters more than 30 minutes late. After getting the two children settled inside, I got back in my van, turned the key and looked down in shock to see the key had broken off in the ignition! What the f... yes, I almost said it. But, instead, I just laughed.

What else could go wrong?

Thankfully, my husband had given me a AAA card and I called. They originally told me it would be $100 out of pocket, but once they found out I didn't have the original computer chipped key I didn't have to pay anything extra. WHEW!

The baby and I waited at the sitters and eventually made it back home before the rain started. (We're expecting winds up to 28 mph today and a storm...)

She's still fighting the fever and I'm almost out of diapers and wipes. However, right now she's sleeping soundly and I've been checking on her regularly. As soon as the teenager gets home I'll go to the store to get the things the baby needs as well as some infant's Motrin, which works better on fevers.

Maybe I'll get a nap before the day is over... wishful thinking!

So, how's your day going? :-]
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