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Sunday, March 30, 2008

They looked so cute!

Just a few pics of the kids from Easter Sunday... I don't know why I have a problem getting all of my children in one picture together, but I do. When Amber was dressed all the other children were sleeping. Then Amareah woke up, but Andre and Anna were asleep. Then Anna was up, but I had already changed Amareah's clothes... uh, you get the point.

Here are my beautiful babies.

Amber has on a vintage dress (under the shirt) that I bought in the 1990s. I think it's cool that she likes to wear my old clothes and updates them with her style.

Andre is usually smiling in his pictures and I think he looks absolutely handsome (and like a big boy). This outfit is compliments of his grandmother.

Amareah and Anna have on similar dresses -- one is blue and one is green -- that also came from their grandmother. I love the little ballet shoes with them. Amareah is still tired from her nap, but she cooperated with getting her picture taken. Anna, of course, is already a little camera ham.

The pictures above were taken after we got home from church. This is how the children looked when I pulled into the driveway!

I feel so bad that Amareah doesn't have more support. She's in the carseat that is within the van's middle row.

I was so happy that the baby was asleep when we got home that I unbuckled the entire seat and put it in my room. It was a little difficult now that she's not in the carrier anymore, but I got about 30 minutes of quiet before she woke up.

Now, although I'm not as cute as the children, I thought you would like to see a pic of me as well. Yes, I'm pretty casual for Easter Sunday, but I figured that just getting dressed was better than not going at all. :-)

And check out my shoes! I think they're hot! LOL!
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