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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The teenager gets contacts

It's been several years since the teenager first asked me about getting contacts lenses. At first I thought she was too young then I didn't have the money then I didn't want to be bothered, but being the trooper that she is she didn't give up.

Today, she got her first pair of contacts. It was funny watching her put them in for the first time and me thinking that it's such a grownup thing to do.

(I would post a picture, but she doesn't look any different. She's just as beautiful as ever... but I will post an updated picture soon if I ever find that cord! SIGH)

She's developing into such a beautiful young woman... I'm sure the next two years will pass very quickly. This year it's the junior prom and the first (and hopefully only!) SAT try, her first job then this fall will begin her senior year. Then there will be the senior prom and all the last-year activities then graduation! Oh my!

This time next year I'll be preparing for my oldest baby to graduate from high school. It's somehow surreal and a monumental moment for me.

Okay... I have to go and be nostalgic and try to figure out how I got from telling you about the contacts to sniffling about the upcoming high school graduation.
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