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Monday, March 24, 2008

Oh what a weekend!

On Friday I had planned on having a fairly normal weekend. All the kids would be home and a little shopping, playing and a little home improvement were supposed to happen. On Thursday I talked to the guy who would take up the nasty, water damaged carpet in my living room and leave the wood floor that was under it. It was supposed to take no more than a couple of hours.

Well, when we got the carpet up we saw that there were a couple of wood squares that needed to be replaced so we went off to Lowe's. Once there we discovered that the floor I had was quite old and I decided to get new vinyl wood floors. Supposedly it wouldn't take that long (my living room isn't that big) and he (the guy) offered a good price since I was going to help.

What was supposed to be a couple of hours turned into all day and it's still not done (just the edges need to be finished). The teenager was stuck with the children all day and I wasn't able to get out to the store until about 10 that night. And since I promised the two middle children they could go to the store... well, you know...

Everyone was exhausted, but we went. The next day I took the kids to the 8:30 service because the guy said he would be back on Sunday to finish up and it'd only take a couple of hours. I called when we got home. He said he'd come and he never showed up.

All of my living room furniture was in the kitchen so while the teenager watched the children again; I moved everything back to the living room. (Yes, I'm pretty strong and resourceful... and now I'm also sore). I was already sore from bending, scraping and squatting on Saturday then I lifted, pulled and bent on Sunday so you can only imagine the aches and pains I have today.

But that's not the worse of it.

On Sunday night I was standing in the bathroom when water started to seep from under the toilet. Then, as I listened to the washer drain in the laundry room I watched the water rise in the toilet and in the tub. Yup, the water started flowing onto the floor from the toilet and I yelled to the teenager to turn off the washer.

My first thought is I should have never gotten the living room floor done and spent that extra money because now I have a plumbing emergency. I had to get the kids, including the baby, out of the house early today to take care of the plumbing. (I didn't want to risk anyone having to make a large deposit into the toilet!) The plumber got here a couple of hours ago and took care of the problem and is off to get a wax ring before replacing the toilet. (What a mess!)

The guy who was supposed to finish the floor was scheduled to come at 2:30 and it's after 3... yup, he's still not here. Oh, and I have to pee really badly! :-)

So, once again, I've missed out on blog hopping, posting, commenting and such, but see I have a good reason. I also never finished the laundry and now have a bathroom that needs cleaning from top to bottom. The good thing? A couple of people made a nice chunk of money this weekend... and it wasn't me! SIGH!

Check back in a little bit and I'll post pictures of the floor and the kids from yesterday... until then, if you feel sorry for me, you can send money to: ... Uh, just kidding - kind of! :-)
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