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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Nothing to say...

This has been a weird couple of blogging days... I haven't had anything I want to blog about. Wait, let me correct that. I have a topic that I've been wanting to do, but it takes a little research. And I haven't felt like focusing on researching something serious.

Then there are the poems I'm working on, but I haven't finished them yet. Then I was going to tell you about the dinner the teenager and I had at Olive Garden and the grocery shopping fun we had, but I'm distracted by her and her girlfriend dancing, singing and talking in the living room.

Basically I'm just feeling a little random. There's so much to do, so much I don't feel like doing and so many distractions. I think I'll just go lay in my bed until I fall asleep... uh, right after I clean off the bed. Maybe I'll read a magazine or start a book... or maybe I'll just sit and stare at the ceiling while I try to ignore the High School Musical impersonations!

I'm not even going to mention that they said they were going to study for the Georgia High School Graduation Test that begins next week. I knew they would get distracted.

Oh well... I'm off to scribble more of my poem. There's one line that eludes me. Maybe Ms. Muse will visit soon.

Other than that, my weekend has been extremely good. Paid some bills, bought some food, did a little yoga, spent some time with the teenager without the younger kids... the randomness just keeps sneaking in. Random. Hmmm??? Kind of like this post.


  1. if you could write this much when you don't really know what to write....then, I am not sure what/ long the entry be when you actually know what to write about! LOL

    so, the teenager and her friends are having a blast dancing to the high school musical, and you are having so much in mind, and you don't really know where to start or when to end huh? hehehehe and despite all these, you had the time to do yoga, paid your bills and think of more lines for your poem? Petula, you are one super woman! :)

  2. Yum! Olive Garden :) My daughter's favorite restaurant. Had some of that randomness myself, especially when the hubby turns up that goofy redneck video show with Bill Engvall he likes to watch. OR Nascar... creativity just flies right out the door. That vroom vroom sound just doesn't help the words flow.

  3. Very random and I like the picture that put in this post. Very very random. :))))


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