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Monday, March 24, 2008

Lost cord

The one time I was actually gonna post pictures and I can't find the cord to attach the camera to the computer... SIGH.... it's just one of those days!

Sorry, maybe I'll find it soon. I think it's in one of those places that you put things and supposedly won't forget where they are.


  1. Your cord is hiding with my cord. Wonder what they're up to? Mine has been missing for days now....Just about the length of time I imagine it would take to wiggle all the way to your house from mine...

  2. LOL!!! SOrry about that. I bet you when you don't look for it, it will show up. It happens to me a lot.

  3. hi! thanks for visiting my blog.... hope you find your cord soon...

    care to exchange links? thanks!

    god bless

  4. you know what Petula, don't look for it, you'll get disappointed. when you don't look for it, it will come to you! believe me. LOL

    and hope you find it SOON, can't wait to see what pics you are putting on. Hope it's the cute lil Hanna! :)


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