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Sunday, March 16, 2008

I... can't... breathe...

All day yesterday I had been talking myself into getting up early today to attend the 8:30 service at my church. Well, I guess myself listened and I woke up (without an alarm) around 6 a.m. Although I didn't get out of bed until 6:45; I did finally take a shower, apply a little make-up, fix my hair and find something fairly descent to wear.

There were a pair of brown slacks with some small stripes (blue and a tan/pink color... sounds kind of ugly, but they're really nice) that I pulled from the closet along with a cotton, button down, long-sleeved dark pink shirt. I also pulled out a black skirt in case the pants didn't look right. I started complaining a little as I ironed the shirt because we didn't have any starch and it was one of those shirts that is easily wrinkled.

After finishing my ironing, I pulled the pants on and they were a little snug... I twisted around to see the size and they're a 12!! I wear a 14. I struggled a little to get them buttoned -- had to suck in the extra belly skin (sorry, TMI) -- but they were on and fairly comfortable. I looked in the full-length mirror being careful to check myself from every angle -- particularly the back -- and was pleased to see they fit very well. Hmm, I thought, just a little more tightening and a couple of more inches and I'll officially wear a size 12.

Well, time was running out so I didn't get a chance to try on the skirt and it was kind of chilly anyway so the pants seemed like a good choice. I rushed into the kitchen, popped a waffle in the toaster and breezed out of the door.

(Have you noticed that I didn't mention any children! Yippee! :-])

I opened the van door, tried to slide in and as soon as I sat down my breath was almost cut off. The pants squeezed my stomach so far in that I had to exhale! Since I didn't have time to change I just thanked my lucky stars that I had a jacket and went on my way.

While driving I glanced down and saw a couple of gaping areas down the front of my blouse. Oh no! I thought. Now, none of this showed in the full-length mirror, but I also hadn't finished the necessary preparation when wearing clothes that hardly fit. I didn't try to sit down and I didn't move around or bend over. Big mistake.

Once I arrived at church I made sure to put on the jacket and suck my tummy in. Everything was okay while walking then I had to sit down. Then it was time for praise and worship so I had to stand up. Then sit down. Then stand up when the bishop approached the pulpit. I tried to discreetly adjust my clothes each time, which was soooo distracting.


Now, I'll have to remember to evaluate my clothes a little better before I actually leave the house so I don't have to spend a few hours without being able to inhale completely.

I would have taken a picture to show you, but there wasn't anytime because I rushed in the house so fast once I got home and took my clothes off!
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