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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Forgive the absence!

Please forgive me for missing my blog surfing and reading the past day or so. As you already know the baby was sick and boy has she been fussy. A sick baby can make life a lot more hectic. I'm hoping she's feeling a little better tomorrow so I can catch up on some work: housework, writing work, paperwork... you get the picture. I was gonna say blog work, but blogging is not really work to me. It's too much fun! Even the paid posts are fun.

Oh well, I hope to see you all tomorrow at your blogs! I'll catch up with the tags, memes, commenting and such.

BTW: I did take the baby to the doctor and she just seems to be getting over a virus or something. And she has a cold. Nothing major. Oh, and there's the teething. She has every freaking teething symptom that grandmothers made up... I mean, uh, warned us about! :)

Have a great night!
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