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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The entire poem

Last Thursday I gave a little teaser of a poem I wrote and tried to get you to click through to another site I'm apart of (Gather) to read the rest. Well, a couple of you asked me nicely to post the entire thing here so here it is:

Dream Killers

The redness seeped from her gums and she spat into the porcelain
Letting the wetness carry it away
Her muscles throbbed like the rhythm in the depths of the ocean
She could hear her joints scream like chimpanzees at the tops of trees
And her brain was fuzzy and bruised like day-old peaches
She wondered what else lurked, hiding in the darkness
Tiny invading microorganisms swimming to failing limbs
Dangerous gnawing bacteria taking over acid-producing organs
Unknown deadly disease destroying the path it traveled
It all lived inside of the creature
Slowly, creeping to overtake her dreams.
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