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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Domain Registration

I have recently noticed that a lot of my blogging friends are choosing to establish their own domains. By doing that they are able to have the exact name of a website that they want. For instance, I think if I wanted my own domain I would see if, or something like that is still available.

There are quite a few domain hosts that you can choose from for your domain registration, but the best choice is a company that is cost effective like PaylessDomains. PaylessDomains has a special discount for those who register their domains for more than two years and their prices are very reasonable. (Bulk domain registrations are also available.) At Payless you can register a domain, transfer an existing domain and have your site hosted for a very practical cost.

Don't hesitate: If I were you I’d register my domain right now while you're thinking about it!
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