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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Telemarketing services

As a freelance writer and editor I wear many hats. I have to be the accountant, the writer, the editor, the secretary and even the marketer, public relations specialist and more. Unfortunately, I'm not that strong in all areas particularly when it comes to marketing and telemarketing. Honestly, if I were better in those areas I may have more business.

Having a company handle the telemarketing services in any business can mean the difference between additional clients and lost business. Telemarketing services help to provide leads for businesses because they often have lead generation specialists. These specialists can set up appointments for sales teams and put your business in front of the decision makers.

So instead of spending time doing telemarketing calls; you can focus on the other important aspects of your business like closing the deal and delivering the product or service.

Having a telemarketing specialist can give any business an edge over the competition. Telemarketers can provide services such as appointment making, lead generation, database cleaning, customer maximisation, sales training and market research. Now, that sounds exactly what I need to take my freelance editing and writing business to the next level.
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