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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Share your thoughts

The Internet has turned into a great place to be able to discover new information, post your thoughts, sell products, offer services and much more. One component that has brought a lot of people together is the creation of forums. Forums are an ideal place to share your thoughts with others who share common interests. With eight active main categories like Writing, Politics, Religion & Beliefs, Lifestyle and Entertainment there is a wide variety of topics and lively discussions going on.

There are a wide range of discussions going on within each main category, but the forum is well organized with everything being easy to find and understand. Although you have to register to participate, first-time visitors can review the Frequent Asked Questions page to find out everything they need to know before joining.

At members are able to create a free blog or personal online journal, upload photos, videos, pod casts, chat in the community forums and bookmark the latest news. With each blog post you can decide whether you want it to be public, private or viewed by only your friends and family, which is a great feature if you’d just like to share certain information with specific people.

Currently has 37,488 with almost 4,500 active members, and – from where I’m standing (typing? LOL.) – it would be a great idea to add your name to their roll.
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