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Friday, February 22, 2008

Road trip!

Today my oldest daughter and myself went on a road trip from Jonesboro (about 15-20 minutes south of Atlanta) to Warner Robins. It's about a two-hour trip, which can be made in about an hour and 15 minutes or so since the speed limit is about 70 MPH in certain areas.

Well, it's pouring down raining and it's one of those places where I don't know which exit to get off of or the names of the roads; I just drive by landmarks. Needless to say, the pouring rain obscured my vision and I missed my first exit then when I (finally) got off of the exit I missed my turn! LOL!

It was all fun though because the teenager and I are always having adventures while we're driving. We talk about the other cars, listen to music, eat snacks, chat and just act a little silly. It's a nice trip especially since we don't have the younger kids with us and don't have to be so... uh, responsible.

We drove down to visit her Daddy Michael (her godfather and my best friend) who is going to give us a t.v. I'm not even going to mention my computer ('cause I don't want to get him started) that I left here two years ago. He fixed it for me, but I never came back to get it. He has made it very clear that I better get the computer before I leave and take it with me.

Also, before we go, we raid his house to see if there are things we think he doesn't need and we take them with us. Right now the teenager is somewhere in the back burning CDs and I've taken over the computer.

Although it's a rainy day, it's nice change from the norm.
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