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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Picture tubes

About a week ago the picture tube on our television died. And we only have one t.v. That's unless you count the nine-inch one that was in my oldest daughter's closet. It's the same one that isn't cable ready and doesn't accommodate the DVR.

When the tube first went out, I watched as the DVR recorded the daily and weekly shows we enjoy and then I noticed it stopped recording. The DVR was full after only about two days because there was already a week's worth of shows that were waiting to be watched.

So, now when I sit down to give the baby a bottle I try to remember to grab a magazine or something. It's actually a shame that I don't have the patience to just sit there and feed her. Sometimes I make a couple of phone calls and other times I just stare out of the window or look longingly at the black t.v.

My oldest daughter took the nine inch out of her closet and hooked up her old VCR so that the two middle children could watch Disney movies on VHS. I'm not even gonna mention the fact that the collection of Disney movies actually belong to her and she's just as excited to watch them as they are.

To make matters worse in my longing for some mind-numbing t.v. time, my daughter received the current issue of TV Guide and told me about the start of and predictions of some of our favorite shows. She admitted to telling me just so she could torture me with the knowledge that I'm missing something.

But I guess the story has a happy ending. As luck would have it, my best friend said he has a television he doesn't use and we're welcome to it. The catch is I have to drive to Warner Robins to get it. That really isn't too bad since he's only about two hours south of us and he's the teenager's godfather who she hasn't seen in a good while.

So it'll be a bonus trip: A reason to get out of town for the day, visit a very good friend and Amber will get to be spoiled and come home with more than she left with.

And maybe, just maybe, I've re-grown all the brain cells I've lost from watching Grey's Anatomy, Dr. Phil, Oprah, Montel, The View, Lost, Biggest Loser and on and on and on...
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