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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Patient forms

Before I get off on a little rant, let me first tell you that my daughter's (#3) doctor's visit went well. She doesn't have strep throat and her lungs sound good. Just a little viral infection. So, she'll just need Tylenol or Motrin for pain and a lot of liquids.

Now for a little rant: The children's pediatrician has this form -- a patient registration form -- that has to be filled out for each child. The form is the exact same for each child and each form requires every child's name on it.

So why in the world do I have to fill out the form four times? That seems so ridiculous to me. Just photocopy the daggone form and insert it in each file! All they have to do is change it a little to include space for each insurance number... all the other information is the same. And, if it isn't then generate one form that accommodates!

Sometimes I think certain procedures are put in place just to irritate people!

Okay... end of rant.
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