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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Medicine prices

I had to breakdown today and get myself some medicine for this sinus/cold/thing going on. I decided to get some Mucinex and non-drowsy Sudafed (well, I got the store brand).

The Mucinex, which was the pill form, was more than $9! I couldn't believe it. I asked the pharmacist's assistant if they had the liquid kind and she told me that it was the same as Robitussen. So, I checked the ingredients and although they have the same ingredients Mucinex is stronger (1200 mg in the extra strength compared to about 120 mg in the Robitussen). That's a big difference.

I'm glad I checked. An-t-way, I complained about the cost of the medicine for at least an hour because I didn't have a coupon or anything. I guess I should consider myself lucky since the Mucinex was on sale! The store brand Sudafed was only $3.99.

Geez, it sure does cost a lot to take good care of yourself!
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