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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Good deals at Wal-Mart

I couldn't resist sharing with you a couple of excellent deals I found at Wal-Mart today. The trip to Wal-Mart was fueled by the need to find a birthday present for 1-year-old twins who go to the same daycare as my children. I talked to their mom last week and she said that if I got the twins something then just get them one thing.

Well, I had a couple of ideas, but I didn't look forward to the shopping trip. I don't really like shopping, but I do like finding deals and that makes shopping fun for me. Luckily the teenager was with me and -- long story short -- she happened upon a KidConnection ride-on toy for ages 1-3.

Perfect! I thought. And... the best part was the price: more than 1/2 off. Only $7. And it even plays two nursery rhymes and lights up.

The second deal we found is a Dora the Explorer 3 Drawer Storage Box. This little box will be perfect for putting my 3-year-old's hairbows, barretts and jewelry. It was only $5 -- marked down from $14.88.
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