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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Coupon Giveaway!?

I'm curious. Do you use coupons? Well, not too long ago I wrote about some YoBaby and some YoMommy coupons that I have to give and no one responded. I didn't get any relevant comments or requests for the coupons. Now, I was just giving the coupons away because I like to share and I had extra. I didn't get paid for the post, earn any award or anything like that so why do you think no one responded?

Now I have some Welch's grape juice coupons, but I'm not even gonna offer them. Maybe I'm going about this the wrong way... tell me your thought!


  1. Hi Petula, well, i didnt respond to the earlier entry on coupons because I know I am not in the US and if i were there, maybe I would!

    but you are doing such a sweet thing by offering your coupons, without even getting paid foe doing so.

  2. Oh yes, Farah, I should have specified that I know my international friends weren't able to repond! :-) ... Maybe all of my friend are international and I haven't even realized it! LOL.

  3. I didn't respond only 'cause I don't eat yogart That and there wasn't a YoDaddy :-)

  4. I sure would have grabbed them if I can use them here in Hungary. :P Ring me when you have something international.. I love free stuff. LOL


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