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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Couples and money management

I’ve often heard that the number one thing that couples argue about is money. But one financial services firm says that if couples apply a shared approach to financial management then they’re better able to adequately handle their finances.

Well, that makes sense to me because I’ve seen where couples have a problem when just one person is in charge of the finances. Either the person in charge feels like they have to always be the responsible one or the person who isn’t in charge feels like their significant other is being controlling. When each person works together they can divide and conquer for financial rewards.

And experts say that the most effective financial strategy for couples is to divide management duties between both parties. That kind of approach is found to be preferable.

There may come a time when a couple will decide they need help meeting some financial obligations and decide to apply for a Secured Loan. Making the decision together to apply for the loan can be the difference between tension in the marriage and the ease of moving forward to financial freedom.

The best way to stay on top of financial matters and avoid debt is to discuss budgeting and money management as well as consider seeking the help of an independent financial adviser.

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