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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

All About Love

I was going to share this book with you on Valentine's Day, but I didn't want it to get lost among all the other love day messages.

If you're familiar with Essence magazine then you've definitely heard of the editor-in-chief Susan L. Taylor who authors In the Spirit essays. Her new book, "All About Love: Favorite Selections From In the Spirit on Living Fearlessly," is a compilation of her favorite In the Spirit essays as well as the favorites of some of the Essence readers.

Taylor has taken these essays expanded and rewrote most of them to share with us in this book. The themes include finding harmony with ourselves and others; shedding the old skin of anger and bitterness; opening the heart and soul fully to love as well as several others that speak of the lessons Taylor has learned, tries to live each day and pass onto others.

I think one of the things that makes this book -- and particularly this author -- so interesting is how she began writing the In The Spirit column. In the book's introduction she says, "... I didn't come to writing In the Spirit easily. When I first became editor-in-chief of Essence in 1981, I'd barely done any writing at all. ...I tried to convince our then-publisher and cofounder, Ed Lewis, that my writing a column wasn't necessary."

She reveals that Lewis didn't fall for that and she was forced to take the first step in coming from behind a mask to tell the truth. That truth rings forth in her writing, which she has called her public diary.

Reading "All About Love" is like taking a journey through life and learning... well, learning all about love.
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