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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Websites that beg for help

As a member of LinkReferral I often come across some very interesting sites while surfing. I'm surprised at how many "my family is in need of help please send donations" sites there are.

There are some that ask for emails to be sent to and mostly everyone comments: "If you can afford to pay for AOL then you must not be too made off." Or the one that says they're sorry they don't have PayPal because of the $15 setup fee so please email them. First of all, when did PayPal have a setup fee. Secondly, the donate button at the bottom goes right to PayPal.

On the one where a couple lost all of their money in a fire, they had a PayPal donate button, but said they didn't have a bank account and lost all of their money, which they kept in their home.

Are these sites for real?

That same couple barely made it out of their home alive with their young baby, they lost their dog that they had just gotten three days ago and the wife was pregnant with another baby who was due very soon.

Talk about pulling at the heartstrings. Well, my questions to you are: Have you seen these sites? If so, what do you think? AND do you think they're real/true?

I'm not going to include any links because if these are scams or fraud I don't want any part in them!
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