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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Update on daycare situation

Let me first start by saying: I'm exhausted!! Although we were running a little late, I took the kids to the library this morning for baby time at 10 a.m., which I had already scheduled when I didn't know the other two children would be at home. They were well behaved and the baby had a wonderful time. I think she enjoyed looking at the other babies more than the music and books. She saw bubbles for the first time and was fascinated. She laughed when I clapped her hands or patted her to the music... it was a joyous and tiring time.

What I didn't know was that they had enrichment time for 3 and 4 year olds at 11 so we went to the other room for that. I was so proud of my two sitting and listening to the story as well as kind of participating. The baby even laughed and listened.

Afterward they checked out a couple of books each, socialized and played with some puzzles.

Then the sitter called. I didn't initially take the call because I was in the library, but I called their dad to see if he had talked to her about them not returning. (If you missed what happened yesterday, you can read it here: I can watch my own kids!)

To make a long story short: She said she didn't appreciate the way it happened and that I could have called to talk to her. True. I told her I was too angry and I didn't want to call and talk when I was like that. She said that didn't matter. Basically we didn't really get anywhere. I understand where she's coming from in regards to the communication thing. She expressed that it isn't like there were problems or whatever (there's some stuff she doesn't know I was already displeased with) and that she would never put my children in danger; she really loves them. Their dad told her that all of that is neither here nor there because he had mess in his clothes for 45 minutes. She countered with that's why she called me. I told her that I couldn't get there quickly. She said she was on the way out the door to pick up her own kids. I thought (yes, I didn't say it): Not my problem. You're getting paid to watch my kids.

Long story short -- again: She said if I still decide to withdraw them then I need to put it in writing and give three weeks notice. Hmmm? I thought when I got off the phone. Guess that's in the paperwork, which I'll find later. And I also guess she expects payment for those three weeks.


Now my 4 year old says he doesn't want to return. (How would he know what he wants, he's 4!? LOL!)

So... you know I'm going to ask: What is a woman to do?
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