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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Support group

This evening was the first time I went to DivorceCare -- it's for those who are separated and divorced. I found the group on the Internet after I did a search for "separation" or something like that and I was pleasantly surprised to find a group that met not too far from me (at a church). I also found the information on their website to be soothing and encouraging.

In the workbook they provide, DivorceCare is described like this: "DivorceCare is a seminar/small group resource designed to help your church effectively minister to people hurting because of separation and divorce." One of the things I like most about the group is that it's biblically based and the fact that the people in the group have a common denominator makes them understanding and supportive.

The group moderators began with prayer, we all introduced ourselves and told a little bit about ourselves, watched a DVD about DivorceCare that included testimonials, had discussion afterwards and ended in prayer. The workbook is thorough and informative including homework areas and journal entries to help with drawing closer to God and evaluating feelings, and the moderators provided a list of local resources like lawyers and counselors that was very helpful.

I'm hoping to gain clarity, support, fellowship and spiritual strength from this group. It's giving me hope for my future...

It was scary going to a group like this, but I think it's going to work out great for me. If it's something you need then check out DivorceCare for a group near you.
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