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Monday, January 14, 2008

Relying on friends

About two weeks ago I made arrangements with a friend to watch the baby for a few hours this past Saturday. On Thursday I learned that she would be starting a new part-time job at night. Although she still had intentions of watching the baby on Saturday afternoon she wasn't able to because instead of getting off at 6 a.m., she got off at 9 a.m.

No problem, I say. And she thanked me for understanding.

Besides my intense need to get a break from the baby, my teenager and I were going to take out the back rows of the van and pick up a treadmill. A freecycler (a member of had one to give away and we couldn't get it with the baby in the van.

So, I called another friend at the last minute (Saturday morning) and she said she could watch her for an hour or so why I picked up the treadmill. She was about to run some errands, but would call me when she returned at about 4 p.m.

I went out at 4 to run some errands, but made sure to have my cellphone at the ready.

4:15 came and went.
5:15 passed.
I debated -- for 15 minutes -- about whether I should call her.
I called her home at 5:30 and didn't get an answer and, no, I didn't leave a message.

This friend is an avid sports lover and she told me that a game came on at 4:30 that she wasn't going to miss so I'm sure she was there. Okay, so I'm assuming.

I even tried to give her the benefit of the doubt thinking that maybe she called my home number and didn't think to call my cell. When I returned home there was no call from her there either. (I have caller i.d. so even if she didn't leave a message I would have known if she called.)

My problem isn't that she didn't watch her. My problem is that she said she would and let me down. The problem is that I promised someone I would do something that I wasn't able to do because of someone else. My problem is that someone is always telling me to ask for help, but even when I do people don't follow through.

I'm beginning to realize that some people aren't really "friends." Friends should keep their word, be reliable and honest. And a friend is one who says "no" when they can't do a favor instead of saying they will do it and not follow through.

I should probably add that this isn't the first time this has happened with this particular person. Oh well...

Anyone need a good friend?
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