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Friday, January 18, 2008

Messages from the great beyond

Sometime last month I read The First Lady by Carl Weber the New York Times bestselling author of So You Call Yourself A Man. The First Lady is a funny novel about Bishop T.K. Wilson, the pastor of First Jamaica Ministries, whose wife dies at the age of 44.

No one knows that while his wife, Charlene, is dieing she worried about what would happen to her husband after her death and if he would choose the right woman to be his next wife. In an attempt to handle it from the grave, she enlists her friend to help her compose some letters to several women -- potential Mrs. Wilsons -- that are delivered after her death.

Her possible candidates for T.K.'s wife are Marlene, a recovering drug addict and T.K.'s daughter's mother. Monique, a woman who many people at the church have disdain for. Savannah, the church's choir soloist and the daughter of a prominent church elder. And Charlene's good friend Lisa Mae, a widow who's nose is so far up in the air she can smell stars.

Reading The First Lady is a chance to take a journey into the life of T.K. Wilson and see if his deceased wife's plans pan out. The colorful characters, pending drama and hilarious antics will have you hurriedly turning the pages to see what happens in the end.
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