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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Higher page ranks

I posted this question in the LinkReferral forum, but I haven't gotten a response. Can anyone address this issue?

There's a posting on that's supposedly advice to bloggers to remove sponsored post tags from sites and to specifically remove PayPerPost tags like "hire me" and "review me" in order to increase page rankings with Google.

Does this really work? It almost seems like Smorty is just trying to get bloggers to get rid of PayPerPost tags. Some of what they're saying to remove could cause some paid posts to be rejected or kicked off PPP for not having the appropriate sponsorship info.

Does anyone know the ends and outs of this and how to get higher page ranks while following the rules of these sites?"

Thanks for your help.


  1. Beats me - I just got approved for PPP but have yet to post anything

  2. I still can't figure out the page rank thing...with payperpost, I was happier with the up and down page rank over the new real rank system.

    I just do what I can do and hopefully some day I will get my rank up!

    Today is another day of cleaning and it feels like I will never get it done. Turkey soup is on the stove, at least something got accomplished today but not much cleaning LOL

    take care

  3. You got the Swiffer too! So cool huh!

    I have never heard of have to check this out! Thanks!


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