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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Going a little green

After watching a very interesting show on Oprah about going green I've been making an attempt to conserve some energy, stop being so wasteful and saving more money (which you know is one of my favorite things to do). My first attempt at doing that was to stop buying individual water bottles (you know the 24 pack of 16 ounce water bottles) and get a filter for the kitchen faucet.

Instead of doing some research online first before I went to the store, I went shopping and found different kinds of pitchers and faucet filters. It took me and my teenager the longest time to decide on what would be best. I decided on a pitcher, which was a little less costly, and -- I thought -- more practical.

The filter water tastes absolutely marvelous so we've stopped polluting the landfill with water bottles. The only thing I don't like about the pitcher is it's way too small for our family AND it takes almost 10 minutes to completely fill up. Once the water goes into the reservoir, which is less than half the size of the pitcher, it has to go through the filter and into the pitcher. It takes about three times of filling the reservoir and waiting for it to drain before it's filled.

The second thing we're trying to remember to do is take canvas bags to the grocery store when we shop. So far I've only taken them once, but -- to my credit -- have remembered them each time on the way to the store. :)

And, instead of throwing away her thousands of magazines, the teenager is saving them to take to a recycling place that takes magazines. All of my old magazines I gave away on Freecyle.

On the energy-saving side, I bought two of GE's Energy Smart general purpose bulbs, which are guaranteed to last about five years. They are also supposed to help reduce your electricity bill. My bill was higher this month so I'm anxious to see if this works. I'll buy some more -- have to do it slowly because they're quite a bit more expensive than the four for .99 - $1.99 that I usually buy.

And I'm turning off the lights in my office if I'm gonna be gone for more than a few minutes. It's a grit-your-teeth-and-just-do-it thing for me because there are four lights in the dark, garage turned office space. I've been doing it for about four days so I hope that makes a difference as well. I also adjusted my thermostat a little.

So those are my contributions to helping the environment and saving a little money in the process. Hopefully these small steps will turn into bigger ones that will help in leaving a healthy earth for generations to come.

Check out the Oprah show website for information on how you can help save the planet by going green.
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