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Saturday, January 5, 2008

First basketball "game"

Today, I witnessed one of the funniest things I've ever seen: a group of 3 and 4 year olds playing basketball. It was my son's first "scrimmage" and it was so hilarious. Andre, my son, is on the team All Stars and their shirts are green and they played against the purple team, the Dawgs.

(Once again I wish I had a picture to share, but I don't feel like trying to see if the KodakShare program on my computer is going to work.)

When the children arrived their coach, who I wish would spend more time teaching the basics of the game like the other coaches did, had them shooting baskets (I use the word "shooting" loosely). A couple of the kids were actually able to make baskets and a few even knew how to dribble. (Mine you they've only practiced once before today.)

That went on for about 30 minutes and then they began to play. A purple-shirted team member was doing a very good job on the defensive, but he was doing it against his own team member.

That cracked me up!

Another purple-shirted team member was not being blocked and was headed straight for the basket. ... the wrong basket.

Again, I'm rolling in my seat.

Some of the children were stealing the ball from their own team members. And once, a little friend of Andre's -- also named Andre; go figure -- almost wrestled a child to the floor after his dad called out "steal the ball!"

More laughing from me!

What I didn't understand was why some of the parents were so serious. I could tell the ones who had practiced with their children because they would get angry or make ugly faces when their child missed an "easy" basket. They were even watching the game like it was one in the NBA. They just sucked the fun right out of the room.

But I had a ball - no pun intended. And I think Andre, who mostly stood on the court looking around or getting distracted by something on the sidelines, had fun too!
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