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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Feeling slighted, feeling heard

Today I had a telephone conversation with a person who is supposed to be representative of an organization that I must be apart of. (Is that vague enough? LOL) Once I got off the phone I was so upset with the way I had been spoken to and treated that tears were flowing down my face. I was a little surprised at the tears because I wasn't feeling especially sensitive. I guess I've gotten a little tired of the disrespect and lack of professionalism that I receive from this individual. And, I was frustrated because I felt like my hands were tied and nothing could be done.

Well, I used my voice! Instead of worrying about the repercussions or venting to someone, I sat down at my desk and composed a nicely worded letter re-capping everything that had occurred up to today and including today's conversation. At first I was going to mail the letter, but I couldn't get in touch with anyone who could tell me who it should be addressed to. So, I logged onto Google, did a search and found an email address. Eureka! Even better.

I tried very hard to keep any emotions and anger out of the letter and sent it off posthaste. Imagine my surprise when about an hour later I sat down to look up something and saw a response! Not only did the person respond, but they informed me that the letter would be sent to the person's supervisor.

My faith in using my voice has been restored. Instead of stewing in my own juices I feel like I stood up for myself, expressed myself and was heard. It feels so much better than crying, venting and taking my frustrations out of some innocent bystander.

I encourage everyone to do the same thing: Stand up for yourself! If a cashier is rude, say something. If your insurance agent doesn't do their job, speak up. If you've received less than stellar service, tell someone. It's unfortunate that we now live in a society where a lot of people in the service industry have forgotten -- or not been taught -- how to be respectful, professional and compassionate. I think if we all stand up for ourselves and politely and consistently call people on their improper behavior then we can make a difference.
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