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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A confession

I have a confession to make. It's not pretty, but I have to get it off my chest: I don't really like Valentine's Day!

I know, I know... that's terrible, isn't it? But, before you tell me all the reasons why it's wonderful, let me just present my case. Briefly.

Although since I've had children, I've found the day to be somewhat pleasant (the teenager is so sweet and loving with her gifts and cards!) and even during my marriage (before things went a little sour) I've had some delightful moments. But, for the most part, when I go into a store and see all the Valentine's stuff -- I just get a sick feeling.

The day never turns out like I want it to. I get things that people want me to have and not that I want to get. And, unfortunately, it all feels forced and unnatural.

BUT (the most important part comes after the 'but'), I'm gonna have a different perspective this year. I'm going to find the good in the day. Try to get up early and make my children heart-shaped pancakes. And look for the positive.

Another thing I want to do is treat myself. One of my favorite things to get (and also to give) is gift baskets. Aren't they just divine? It's like a multitude of gifts wrapped up in a pretty package that you just can't resist. And the one thing I like the most about a gift basket is it'll last for days -- sometimes longer.

So instead of waiting for my friends and family to catch the hint about the gift baskets, I think I may get one for myself. is having a little sale (my favorite thing!) to get 10% off all Gift Baskets with promo code ZK-8978. Now I can't pass that up. Can you?
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